There are many ways we learn; one of the most powerful involves interacting with others.

A Conference, symposium,Institute, seminar, or workshop can be a powerful learning environment if created and managed astutely.

Education Communities is an Event and Program Management company, that specializes in creating learning opportunities for educators from around the world.

We have managed events across the US, UK, Canada and Australia, as well as managing content and program optimization in many more. We also pioneer new directions and formats, as part of our continous endeavour to offer events that have the most impact; to create events that create change, and new directions, and to create events that help drive awareness and insight that can shared.

If you would like to know more about how Education Communities can develop your ideas into a successful event, drop us an email with an outline of your thinking and we'll get back to promptly.


Four Technology, Teaching and Learning Institutes were held annually from 2000, as exploratory pressional learning events for teachers wanting to build confidence and new practice using technology. More than 500 teachers from across Australia and New Zealand attended the six day residential events, and in the process confirmed the format as one that is ideal for building a sustained change in teaching practice


Education Communities was the founding Event managment company that initiated SchoolTech for Australian and New Zealand School Technology professionals. After pioneering three highly successful events, the event was sold to Computelec, who run it as part of Australia's biggest 1-to1 Conference, Expanding Learning Horizons. Information regarding speakers and programs for this year's event can be found on the ELH site. event can be foundAftein 2004. Exciting, challenginall aassrooms


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In every school, in every local community, and in every country around the globe, there are teachers who are creating extraordinary learning experiences for their students.

These are the experiences that can make a difference in the life of a child, or they can be simply another opportunity for a student to build a more complete understanding of the world in which they live.

But that world is changing rapidly, and computers and technology are a core part of that change; indeed they are very much now the ‘medium of our time’, and very much the medium through which our students now participate and communicate…and very much the medium that we must grasp and use to create those exceptional learning experiences that can now be offered.

Therefore as educators we need a place to share our experiences, our fears and our doubts; to break down the private teaching experience that was very much a part of our past, and to build up a strong Global community of educators.

And above all tell us what matters most to you!..drop us an email, so that we can ensure that Education Communities continues to develop as the leading resource for all teachers using technology to make a difference.

Education Communities Pty Ltd | ACN 079 541 736 | PO Box 122 Mt. Eliza Victoria 3198 Australia
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